A Message from Rajiv Tandon

A Message from Rajiv Tandon, Vice President-Head of Business, D2M

At D2M, we appreciate the trust our clients continue to place in our team to deliver services, expertise, and opportunities that set the standard for the IT solutions and services industry. A culture of values, actions, and accountability is in our DNA, along with the successful partnerships we build with our valued clients to deliver outstanding results. Since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve taken proactive actions to ensure our clients are well supported with value-driven solutions to help our enterprise clients increase overall operational efficiencies while serving as a powerful engine for job creation. D2M’s services leverage cutting-edge technologies and enable clients to adapt to the current climate while still meeting their IT needs. D2M allows organizations to conduct functions efficiently and achieve top productivity to optimize costs and meet current challenges with two particular offerings.

Our D2M Remote Support Model helps enterprises transition to a new operating approach seamlessly and without interruption, and also serves as a framework to drive productivity improvement and reduce costs. This model is a key component of our Next-Gen Workplace computing offerings. Our Transfer & Optimize (T&O) business services model is another D2M service clients are leveraging to optimize costs without sacrificing business priorities and avoiding expensive, disruptive restructuring.

Our people are our greatest asset and are the foundation of all we do. Through this pandemic, our commitment to transparent leadership, daily communications, and real-time video connectivity have played a critical role in our ability to remain fully engaged with our employees, worldwide. With investments made in the latest communications and technological tools, such as Workplace by Facebook, we’ve brought our people together and fostered a community, ensuring our teams know that we are, truly, all in this together. This channel has allowed us to easily keep in touch, share and receive information, and keep everyone in the ‘know’ for maximum engagement and productivity across our employee base globally.

During this unprecedented time, we are highly cognizant of the critical role we play in putting people to work, worldwide, and driving greater economic efficiencies to our clients’ business operations. Our strategic plans for 2020 included the launch of DISYS Managed Services, D2M, as a focused, outcome-driven service and solution partner that serves enterprises across their Information Technology operations. Our scaled investment in digital transformation and cognitive automation services is helping clients in accelerating their digital transformation journeys and meet their business goals. With the rise of the pandemic, our teams felt it was important to accelerate the launch of D2M so that we can bring solutions to our customers which will also help them lower the cost of operations.

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Rajiv Tandon
Vice President- Head of Business, D2M