Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence (CoE) – in-a-Box

D2M helps enterprises transform their business operations through the creation of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center of Excellence (COE).

D2M’s ‘Teach by Building’ approach empowers organizations to establish a CoE and implement best practices while delivering outcome-driven projects for your business.

Why Build an AI CoE?

An AI CoE enables enterprises to meet business challenges by incorporating Machine Learning (ML) services across their business units. The intent of building a CoE is to provide organization-wide strategy, tools, and infrastructure support, thereby giving organizations a common framework for different teams to successfully evaluate, develop, deploy, and support AI technologies.

Services provided by an AI CoE typically include:

  • Organization-wide AI strategy
  • Use case discovery workshopping
  • Use case prioritization
  • Model prototyping
  • Data analysis and project feasibility assessment
  • Data management, including data pipelining
  • Tool assessment
  • AI technology roadmap
  • Information Technology integration
  • Model implementation, deployment
  • Model updating, support, and documentation
  • ML training and skill development
  • Tool development

CoE-in-a-Box: Solution Overview

The D2M “CoE in a Box” provides a framework allowing enterprises to jumpstart their ML practice in order to accomplish the following:

  • Create a vision for AI
  • Determine the scope and objective of AI
  • Create a target data architecture
  • Develop a set of AI champions within the company
  • Spread and inspire success stories
  • Discover, develop, and deploy ML solutions

Teach by Building

At D2M, we believe that the best way to learn is by doing. Our CoE establishment service implements outcome-driven use cases for your business. As we work with your teams through implementation, we will establish best practices and processes to ensure the long-term success of your AI CoE.


  • Workshops and worksheets that are templates for measuring success metrics to rationalize and measure CoE success
  • Workshops and worksheets to gather and prioritize data-driven use cases across your business
  • Use case assessment, best practices and checklists around project planning and feasibility assessment of data-based projects including:
    • Task definition
    • Scope requirements
    • Project feasibility
    • State-of-the-art research
    • Model actionability
    • Evaluation metrics
  • Data collection services and training including
    • Data definition
    • Data pipeline creation
    • Data validation and pre-processing
  • Data modeling best practices and implementation including
    • Baseline creation
    • Modeling strategies based on use case
    • Feature identification
    • Overfitting for feasibility analysis
    • Reassessment best practices
  • Model testing and optimization
  • Automated deployment pipelines and model maintenance
  • Stack selection
  • Agile development in ML

Why D2M’s AI CoE-in-a-Box?

D2M’s AI CoE-in-a-Box allows businesses to jump-start their introduction to AI. They can implement quality best practices and processes across their organization, while also building outcome-driven data use cases.

Learn how Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence can transform your business operations.