Intelligent Process Automation

Organizations worldwide are increasingly adopting and implementing emerging technologies like IoT, RPA, Cognitive and AI Automations to overcome business challenges.

These include reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), increasing efficiency, reducing human error and to allow employees to focus on high-value tasks that truly add value to the business.

While RPA frees employee time by automating well-defined low-level transactions processes, IPA extends this ability using Smart Process Workflows.

What is IPA?

Intelligent Process Automation is the convergence of RPA and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technologies, including Cognitive Automation, Machine Learning.

IPA has allowed for a broader shift in technology, that of Automation as a whole. D2M’ Smart Process Workflows empower you with this holistic view of Automation and enable faster and less expensive end-to-end automation.

d@M Intelligent Process Automation

What can the IPA Solution do?

  • Orchestration of humans and robots: Implementing D2M’ IPA Solution, you can orchestrate your automation processes and avoid partial automation processes running in silos.
  • Straight-through processing: With straight-through processing, businesses can automate electronic payments completely and reduce wasted employee time. Since many employees manually do transactions, straight-through processing will remove all that time and employees can dedicate their efforts elsewhere.
  • Virtual Integration: Standalone and legacy systems often cannot communicate with each other; this lack of collaboration and communication between can cost businesses millions of dollars and a lot of wasted time. With virtual integration, this wasted capacity between systems is eliminated and systems can work cohesively.
  • Increased compliance: Intelligent process automation ensures data privacy, and other regulatory requirements are upheld. Once a process has been automated using IPA tools, that process or workflow can be executed repeatedly without error or deviation.

Benefits of Automation

  • Accuracy: Increase accuracy with right results driven by programmed business validations.
  • Non-Intrusive Technology: No complex implementation or integration with existing enterprise applications and reduces burden on IT.
  • Compliance: BOTS follow regulatory compliance rules as programmed and provide audit trails.
  • Productivity: Improve employee productivity by reallocating time saved by BOTS to high value tasks.
  • Reliability: No sick days, BOTS work 24/7/365.
  • Consistency: Consistent and identical results eliminating output variations.
  • Scalability: Scale up or down to meet business demands.
  • Savings: Generate an ROI of 20 — 50%.

Service Offerings


Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept is a proven method to learn about any new technology and IPA is no different. Based on the results of the Feasibility Analysis, D2M can rapidly implement a “Proof of Concept” to implement BOTS into one of the processes previously identified in the Feasibility Analysis. This “hands-on” approach delivers quick and cost-effective results to show you the value of automation and demonstrate how it fits in your operations.
A pilot implementation of RPA in your environment allows to demonstrate the technology and relevance easily and makes it easier to evangelize technology within the organization. It fosters organization-wide implementation and there by increases the benefit footprint described above.D2M also engages with clients like you to strategize, define, and plan an IPA governance model, implementation and support structure.

Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessment is pivotal to a successful implementation of your IPA Program. IPA programs aim to automate processes; therefore, a process inventory is a fundamental requirement for a successful implementation. Opportunity Assessment includes collaboration with various business units and process owners to identity, analyze, document, prioritize and build a business case for automation.
D2M’s industry knowledge can help identify the right area with low hanging processes suited for RPA in the client’s context and help realize quick ROI. D2M’s approach to Opportunity Assessment is at the process level and not task. This allows D2M to standardize and improve process performance, but more importantly identify opportunities for elemental BOTS (reusable BOTS) and scale processes with the use IPA Technology & Solution.

Value Adds:
Automated Process Intake using D2M’s BotPilot©.
BotPilot© is a D2M accelerator to efficiently & quickly build a process pipeline & perform Opportunity Assessment.



After successfully building a Process Pipeline, you are now ready for broader deployment across the organization. This phase of the RPA journey involves an iterative process of business analysis, development, testing, deployment, standardization and change management. D2M is an expert in developing operational change programs and can support you through the entire implementation lifecycle.
D2M understands that organization wide Automation implementations has a direct impact on employees. Therefore, D2M focuses on people side of change and uses ADKAR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement) to help employees understand, accept and implement the change.

Value Adds:

  • Automate Code Review process with Botalyzer®
  • Botalyzer® allowed D2M support team to identify opportunities for refactoring resulting in greater that 95% bot availability

Botalyzer is a D2M accelerator for code review and audits. Automated code review process improves bot deployment velocity.


Operations & Maintenance

It is easy to visualize what the BOTS can do when working well. But with applications constantly changing to adapt to business needs, the success a of BOT rests on how flexible it is and what methods are applied to monitor and maintain them. BOTS must be programmed to be flexible and dashboards must be created to monitor bot performance and notify when problems occur.
The D2M Automation Center of Excellence (ACE) is your 24/7 house of innovation to monitor and maintain your automated processes. Utilizing best practices and cutting-edge technology, ACE ensures your processes are always online and running as expected. And when it’s time for a process to adapt to new requirements? ACE can spearhead your journey to build out and fulfill the new requirements within the process.

Value Adds:

  • Monitor process runs using DISYS BotDesk©
  • Compare estimated & actual ROI using BotPilot©

BotDesk© is a D2M accelerator for support teams to track and manage BOTS in production.

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