Machine Learning

It all starts with your data. Machine Learning has been around for decades, but thanks to hardware advances, building a data-driven business has finally become a reality. Machine Learning is used today to find hidden patterns, make predictions and classify events.

How can your organization get started and harness the power of Machine Learning to advance your business goals? D2M is committed to helping our client’s chart a path to a truly data-driven organization.

Use Case Definition

All Machine Learning projects start with the definition of objectives, as the tools it encompasses are excellent at answering certain questions, but less useful in answering others. D2M is committed to helping our clients understand and leverage both the promise and limitations of Machine Learning.

We also provide workshops to help business unit owners identify and scope feasible Machine Learning projects to drive measurable returns at the organizational level.

Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence at D2M Managed Services

Data Collection and Modeling

Once the scope is well defined, it’s time to take a closer look at the data. In this phase, data is analyzed to determine, again, if the project is feasible given existing data sources. If not, D2M will build data collection pipelines to ready your organization for the future. Once the data is available, D2M’s data engineers and data scientists begin building data pipelines and turn those use cases in functional models.

Data Understanding

Modeling is valuable, but alone, it isn’t enough. At D2M, we insist that outcomes be both actionable and understandable. Our data engineers and data scientists provide visualizations and integrations that allow you to understand your data and use the model where you need it.

D2M understands that Machine Learning is just a tool. We can help you decide if a cognitive approach is the right solution to your organization’s challenges. We will lend our expertise to help you gather and model the data. Our focus on action ability ensures that data-based decisions will be understandable and available where and when you need them.

Learn how Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence can accelerate your business goals.