Digital Transformation

We have seen in the past that businesses that were too slow to respond to changing market conditions have ceased to exist, and new organizations suddenly thrive to the market with digital disruption. Looking at “Digital” and “Transformation” separately, it’s apparent that there’s always a continuous pursuit to implement new technologies that enhance capabilities or focus on change to become more efficient and innovative. “Digital Transformation” combined, represent the future of business, how it operates, how it serves clients and its end-users and how it adapts to industry evolution.

D2M helps clients embark the digital transformation journey through services which are powered by the cloud, application modernization, data and analytics and RPA. To cater to the ever-changing business needs and market requirements of clients D2M brings in these services to serve client’s business process model, culture and experiences, help them to continually respond to disruptive events, trends, and technologies. No matter where the client is in their digital journey, D2M can be a reliable partner and help reap maximum benefits using D2M’s digital transformation powered services. These include:

Cloud Assessment, Migration and Support:

Enterprises are currently in either “cloud-first” or “cloud-only” strategy models. Major challenges are still in the areas of cloud discovery and assessment, and migrations from on-premise to cloud or between clouds. Additionally, migrations are not always coordinated at the program, strategic, and operational levels. D2M takes a proactive approach with our proven model to deliver faster, safer, and more cost-effective solutions to address these enterprise challenges and future proof your cloud technology.

Data and Analytics:

In high performance organizations, effective business decisions are made based on measurable KPIs and insights derived from analyzing patterns. In this regard, dealing with huge volume, velocity and variety of data can be challenging.

D2M helps design, build and support an information centric system that provides vital insight into business data and improves operational efficiency using trend analysis. The foundation of an information centric system is a data platform that helps mine, integrate, analyze and report data while ensuring data democracy for IT and Business users.

Application Modernization and Support:

Application Modernization and Support helps businesses exploit the flexibility provided by running their operations on the cloud. With application modernization, D2M can transform current applications into applications that evolve with business needs. Modernizing legacy application allows businesses to have lower maintenance costs, better savings and improved performance. With continuous application modernization, businesses will have the best cutting-edge applications to meet business demands.

Process Automation:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables businesses to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to handle their high-volume manual tasks that staff generally perform. Repetitive office tasks like queries, manual transactions and maintaining records can be completely outsourced to RPA BOTS that can do these tasks efficiently and indefinitely. D2M can help design and build custom RPA BOTS that serve business needs. With D2M’s help, businesses can leverage a virtual workforce consisting of BOTS that can accomplish any manual, repetitive task. This frees up employee time and they can spend their productive hours in a different part of business.

D2M Digital Transformation

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