Application Modernization & Support

Application modernization is the refactoring, re-purposing or consolidation of legacy monolithic software programming to align more closely with ever growing business needs. Application modernization uses cloud technologies and reaps the benefits of agility, scalability, security and cost.

Why modernize legacy applications?

  • 15-35% infrastructure year-over-year savings
  • 30-50% lower application maintenance and run costs
  • Provide new technology and business channels
  • Support regulations and compliance requirements
  • Increase client satisfaction

Typical Application types targeted for Application Modernization are:

  • Legacy Monolithic applications
  • COTS – Commercially Off The Shelf applications
  • CMS
  • ERP Systems
  • Mobile Backend Systems
  • Chatbots Containers

D2M will refactor, re-purpose or consolidate legacy software programs either during migration from on-premise to cloud or post migration in the cloud. This leverages the best of the breed services of every cloud and proprietary tool. Based on legacy application portfolio assessment’s outcome to do modernization either during or post migration, D2M will refactor the legacy application by recoding and decoupling it to services which are smaller maintainable modular components. D2M “modernization powered migration” framework is typically used for modernization during migration.

Reasons to select D2M for Application Modernization:

  • Service Design: With a focus on ethnographic research, understanding consumer behaviors and evaluating user journeys, our Triple Diamond Methodology extends our capabilities to include interactive design, agile development and deployment activities.
  • Modular Development: Modular development allows D2M to treat business infrastructure as a piece of software which can be written once and used multiple times. This makes it easier to reuse the code that is written once.
  • Problem Resolution: D2M can debug and ascertain the root cause of the problem easily: as we are maintaining infrastructure as a code, we can take advantage of versioning systems, so anyone trying to debug an issue or a problem with infrastructure can look through the history of changes made and trace the problem.
  • Agility: D2M can make the entire application development and deployment process more agile by ensuring less dependence on manual work thereby reducing errors.
D2M Application Modernization

D2M “modernization powered migrationframework includes the following services / tools.

  • Containerization / Microservices: Containerization and Microservices enable systems to be independently deployed and modernize legacy applications.
  • DevOps CI/CD – Cloud Native Services: This provides automated testing and compliance in addition to infrastructure configuration management tools.
  • Serverless – Chalice, Amplify and Cloud Native Services: Serverless computing alleviates the management of servers by owning just the responsibility of building and running applications
  • PaaS-ification – Cloud Native Services: PaaS-ification analyzes client applications and modernizes legacy application using Sirro® FastTrack.
  • DB Migration and Modernization: With DB Migration and Modernization, migrating on-premises databases to the cloud is simplified by continuous replication and enforcing data lifecycle management.
  • Migration – D2M uses below Cloud Native migration services along with D2M’s pre-built automation scripts for Cloud migrations
  • Infrastructure Provisioning: D2M utilizes its technology partnership with Harshicorp to building, changing, and versioning infrastructure.
  • Application Integration: D2M leverages AWS, Azure and GCP integrations for their application integrations with clients.
  • Low Code Platform – Alternative Modernization: With a low code platform, D2M clients can have applications with extensive integrations options that are deployable anywhere.
  • Modernization Factory: The modernization factory is a lightweight visualization tool to be deployed inside clients’ environment to give visibility on applications.
  • Managed and Optimization Support After Migration: This helps D2M clients monitor and meter migrated applications, modernize scoping processes and refine topology choices.

D2M has expertise to modernize applications to .NET, Java, Python, Go, R, JS, Node.js technologies.

Learn how D2M’s Application Modernization & Support can help optimize your business needs.