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Data is the single most important asset in your business. Understanding, utilizing and deploying data and analytics in your business will give you an exponential advantage over competitors. D2M can help your business create a data infrastructure that allows your business to improve operations, gain valuable customer insight and build products quickly. Data provides your business with continuous avenues of improvement. The more data your business acquires, the more analytics and insights your business will have on customers, products and every other aspects of your business.

Every organization has a choice of technology to analyze the volume, velocity and variety of data to transform into actionable insights. In addition, the right balance between data democracy and data security needs to be established.

At D2M, we understand the needs of IT and business users and have enormous experience in building robust data platforms. A data platform built on-premise or cloud will include data pipelines, centralized data catalog, unified data integration and smart visualization tool. D2M has helped several clients across industry verticals by choosing the right technology that addresses their needs.

D2M’s Data & Analytics Services include:

  • Data Engineering: Builds high performance data pipelines using Data Lake and Data Hub.
  • Master Data Management: Provides a single trusted view of data to increase consistency and reliability.
  • Data Quality: Improves usability and reliability of data using rule engine and a robust stewardship.
  • Data Security: Allows your business to secure data at rest and data pipelines both on-premise and on cloud.
  • Visualization/Reporting: Provides highly usable dashboards and reports to discover and explore data.
  • Data Migration: Permits seamless migration of data from on-premise to cloud, cloud to cloud and SQL to No-SQL.

When assessing your data infrastructure and strategy, several important aspects of your data must be examined. Factors like data models, integrations, data governance and business intelligence are some of the most important components of crafting your data strategy. Analyzing your data strategy before implementation can protect your business from making costly mistakes. Some important questions your business should evaluate when developing your infrastructure include:

  • Data Architecture: Does your data architecture accommodate volume, velocity and variety of data? Is your organization’s technology roadmap in-line with the data architecture?
  • Data Model: Does your data model unify IT and business terms? As a business user, are you able to derive value from the data?
  • Data Integration: Does your business user need to wait an entire day to see the prior day’s sales data? How easily can you add a new data source?
  • Data Governance: Do all your business units follow standards and processes to use and secure the data? Are there best practices to share data across business units? Do you have re-usable rules to cleanse and transform data?
  • Datawarehouse: Do you have a scalable data storage system that supports your decision engine? Do you have multiple datamarts on siloed datawarehouses within the enterprise?
  • Business Intelligence (BI): Do you have enough insights into your data for business decisions? Are you tired of supporting multiple BI tools and are looking to consolidate? Are your reports and dashboards helping you make business decisions?

D2M’s Operations and Support Services include:

  • Operations & Support: D2M helps the largest Healthcare company (Fortune 5) with 24/7 IT support of their critical business processes with 99.9% SLA.
  • Automation Driven: D2M helps the world’s largest Oil and Gas company to automate critical business processes and deliver significant YoY savings.
  • Process Driven: D2M is certified with:
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 27001:2013
  • CMMI Level 3

D2M’s Data & Analytics Services Differentiators:

  • Scope for optimization post deployment; include non-functional requirements as part of the scope.
  • Help customer organizations to enable business growth by unlocking new technologies and features.
  • Have a tailored solution approach for each business need.
  • Don’t settle with a vendor based technical stack, instead D2M bases it on business needs.
  • Providing every client with at technology roadmap; D2M chooses technology and tools for implementation to fit the defined roadmap.
  • Have feasibility to adopt to changing client needs.
D2M Data Analytics

Learn how D2M’s Data & Analytics Services can help transform your data into actionable insights for your business.