Enterprise Infrastructure Management

Provide your organization with a cohesive integrated network along with server managed services. Sever managed services cover monitoring, system management, security prevention and remediation of your enterprise IT infrastructure. Enterprise Infrastructure Management covers aspects like service desks, data centers, application and networks. These services monitor and upgrade your business’ infrastructure and allows your business to focus on its core operations.

Server-managed services include:

  • Monitoring
  • System Management
  • Security Prevention
  • Remediation of Your Enterprise IT Infrastructure

Enterprise Infrastructure Management covers aspects like:

  • Service Desks
  • Data Center Applications
  • Networks

A comprehensive way to enhance Enterprise Infrastructure Management.

  • D2M provides a holistic and total coverage program for Enterprise Infrastructure Management. The 24/7/365 support provided by D2M enables your business to have a substantial infrastructure management capability that reduces risk, increases availability and performance, and supports your business outcomes.
  • D2M’s hybrid onshore/offshore team gives your business total coverage for both on-site, remote work, and field services.
  • With D2M’s Enterprise Infrastructure Management services, your business receives customized reporting that meets compliance requirements set by your industry and business operations. The daily reports provided by D2M illustrate details like attackers, targets, events, open incidents and more. This also enables cost-effective, cohesive cross enterprise infrastructure support and protection.

Infrastructure Monitoring, Performance and Availability Management

D2M provides a cost-effective and integrated solution for infrastructure performance. This allows for availability to maintain 99.99% uptime.

D2M Network Operations Center (NOC) services also provide proactive remote monitoring and notification for servers, storage, and networks. This includes threshold monitoring, event aggregation and correlation, impact analysis, severity level setting, data collection and ticketing distribution. Event monitoring functions and threshold management are provided using established baseline measures to determine appropriate thresholds for your business’ computing environment. Additionally, the D2M solution provides the means to monitor, analyze, and report on these thresholds.

Utilizing this extensive monitoring capability combined with AI/ML algorithms D2M reduces downtime and increase performance of your IT infrastructure.

Enterprise Infrastructure Management provides:

  • Remote support, fault isolation and restoration, remote server management, assessment services, system implementation and maintenance services.
  • Compliance while improving employee productivity.
  • Dedicated D2M experts who monitor and manage systems and security, thus eliminating the need to retain in-house resources.
  • Flexible pricing that suits your business and budget.
Enterprise Infrastructure Management at D2M Managed Services

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