Enterprise Service Management

CIOs and technology departments are under constant pressure to decrease cost, amid increasing demands to deliver superior service quality that aligns seamlessly with the business initiatives.

Standardization, integration, and automation of processes have never been more important in the organizational landscape. IT Service Management (ITSM) is relevant across all industry verticals and company sizes. Projects are typically driven from broader initiatives like business management, data center transformation, operations management, governance, risk, and compliance. Other drivers and challenges include the need for optimizing processes beyond the traditional incident, and problem management, targeting processes like end-to-end change management and request fulfillment, and the ability to access real-time data to make effective business decisions.

Service Management is a critical success factor in all of these areas and is under constant pressure from:

  • Value to the Business: Lack of visibility into service quality, unplanned outages affecting business critical areas.
  • Cost: High cost of service desk support, manual or uncoordinated processes across multiple IT functions.
  • Innovation and Strategy: Lack of growth and flexibility for new technological needs and requirements.

D2M’s solutions with ServiceNow come with our best practices wrapped around our of the box automations and integrations all on ServiceNow’s Enterprise Cloud Platform. D2M is positioned to help clients realize Service Management improvements quickly with solutions that can be built incrementally over time as needed.

Our clients leverage the experience of our team of subject matter experts to achieve the most complete and robust Service Management solutions and support to advance their organizational goals. The result: optimized service lifecycle delivery and cost.

D2M’s ITSM Essentials offering includes basic ITSM functional modules that can help you achieve true Service Management – modernizing and transforming your processes and people as well as the technology. We realize that your business needs to keep moving and developed our Enterprise Integrations offering to assist in that regard.

D2M Enterprise Service Management

Our Platform Support Basic and Plus offerings provide:

  • Administrative support
  • Operational oversight
  • Release and upgrade management; Development
  • Ongoing support / maintenance
  • Technical guidance for future roadmap needs
  • Available for you to choose between a yearly support plan or a dedicated team

D2M delivers comprehensive, end-to-end ServiceNow ITSM solutions, ranging from deployment, integration, consulting, and ongoing operations and support to protect your investment and maximize your return.

Our solutions can be easily scaled up or down to match your organization’s specific requirements and future needs. Even if ServiceNow has been deployed by an external provider or inhouse, we can also provide operations and support for your existing instance. Regardless of your business size or situation, D2M will manage the deployment and support of the necessary solutions so that your team can focus more on strategic initiatives.

D2M’s solutions with ServiceNow allows you to shift resources to core competencies and focus on the larger needs and goals of your organization to propel its growth. We take the management of your ServiceNow investment off your hands and strengthen your business processes, enhance your operational efficiencies, and offer an improved experience for your users.

A global provider of water, hygiene and energy technologies, we were able to decrease their ticket backlog by 300% as a result of pre-testing automations prior to an upgrade. We consistently achieved their SLA’s by 74% and as a result, we have been looked upon as their trusted advisor for implementing strategic innovations.

With our partnership with ServiceNow and our Center of Excellence, this allows us to stay on top of the latest innovations and newest technological solutions and frameworks so that we always provide value adds to our clients.

Learn how D2M’s Service Management solutions can add innovation and value to your business.