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D2M Announces New Strategic Cloud Solutions

D2M’s latest offerings enable organizations to seamlessly achieve business goals and drive ROI on the cloud

 McLean, VA – August 4, 2020D2M, the outcome-driven service and solution partner that serves enterprises across their Information Technology operations, announces the launch of new cloud solutions to help “cloud-first” or “cloud-only” clients on their cloud journey.

“D2M’s latest cloud solutions take strategic innovation to the next level,” said Bala Balasubramanian, Head of Digital Transformation at D2M. “These new solutions allow clients to streamline their cloud journeys to achieve scalability and sustainability aligned with their business goals. D2M’s Cloud Solutions set organizations up for future success; to expand on their current cloud capabilities and make what used to be complex and expensive seamless and cost-effective by driving ROI with superior quality on the cloud.”

D2M’s latest cloud solutions include:

  • Remote Workforce: In this unprecedented COVID-19 era, organizations are continuously striving to implement remote efficiencies to ensure staff are fully equipped and provide uninterrupted services including integrations to O365, Teams, and OneDrive for their clients.
    • D2M delivers an agile solution that is fast-to-market, cost effective, and increases productivity. Users can access data from any device, anywhere, while meeting compliance and security standards. The outcome is an improved user experience that drives up to 90% increases in time efficiency and up to 20% CSAT score improvement.
  • “Modernization Powered Migration” for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments: Modernizing a monolithic application through containers is typically a two-step process either from on-premises to cloud (hybrid) or between clouds (multi-cloud).
    • D2M’s solution streamlines this process into one step. It provides network traffic control and APIs intelligently, simplified A/B testing, network security, and policy automation through Service mesh, while reducing migration time by over 20%.
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Management: Hybrid and multi-cloud environments can be complex and difficult to manage.
    • D2M’s single, scalable management control pane simplifies this process. It enables organizations to organize, manage, and monitor their virtual machines, physical servers and containers, and deploy containerized applications in both hybrid and multi-cloud models. In addition to management of Kubernetes clusters, it improves security, governance, response time and reduces efforts by up to 20%.
  • COE in a Box: Many organizations use a Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and Well Architected Framework (WAF) to align technical and business strategies based on their cloud platform. These tools enable clients to drive sustainable outcomes while upholding operational excellence, reliability, and security.
    • D2M’s solution combines best practices of these cloud platforms to deliver a “COE in a Box” that facilitates cloud adoption, migration, development, and operations with greater agility and faster time-to-market. COE in a Box enables faster deployment to cloud platforms by over 20%.
  • IoT Edge: Organizations can remotely manage and deploy IoT workloads from the cloud with zero-touch device provisioning, offload AI and Analytics workloads to the Edge.
    • To maintain consistency on the Edge and cloud, D2M provides orchestration services for the development platform to create serverless or containerized IoT applications, data privacy, monitoring, automates data synchronization and ensures data redundancy during network disruptions on the cloud.

“At D2M, we are focused on creating solutions that enable our clients to achieve top outcomes and ROI from their cloud investment that improve how their businesses run,” said Rajiv Tandon, Vice President- Head of Business, D2M. “Our mantra is ‘Automation Everywhere.’ We leverage automation and disruptive technologies across service lines and delivery units to drive business efficiency for our clients while accelerating the outcomes they achieve. Our solutions help accelerate digital transformation for our clients.”

About D2M

For more than 25 years, D2M, as part of DISYS, has delivered measurable results for its enterprise and government clients by building custom implementations to meet clients’ individual IT needs. In conjunction with product innovators and thought leaders, D2M continues to surpass the boundaries of technology and objective-based innovation. D2M is headquartered in McLean, VA, with more than 45 offices worldwide. For more information about D2M, visit