Salesforce Partner │ Unlock Your Full Customer Value

Your customers expect an unprecedented amount of personalization in every interaction. They want their needs anticipated and their issues resolved in the blink of an eye. This level of customer experience requires perfect alignment across sales, customer service, marketing, analytics, and even application development teams. Salesforce solutions have been the heart of this digital transformation for many organizations, creating positive, personalized, and impactful brand experiences that maximize full customer value from the start.

D2M’s Partnership with Salesforce

D2M is an established Salesforce partner, using our strategic alliance to enhance the customer experience across their cloud and data platforms. The goal of our Salesforce solutions is to create harmony for your business, your teams, and your clients, working together with no wasted clicks, steps, or forms. When you work with us, you receive the benefit of a global team of next-gen software technical professionals who adhere to a clear roadmap and adopt Salesforce accelerators to get your business over the hump and unlock maximum value.

Our consulting and advisory capabilities, implementation, and full-service managed solutions make us the preferred partner for many Salesforce customers. With lightning-fast implementations, D2M helps clients achieve significantly higher ROI from their cloud investments than competitors, optimizing your customer experience with measurable business outcomes.

Why D2M?

Certified Agile, Scrum, & SAFe Experts

75+ Certified & Trained Salesforce Experts

Salesforce Centre of Excellence (CoE)

Proprietary Salesforce Accelerators

24×7 Global Support Delivery Mode

D2M’s Salesforce Offerings

  • Customer 360
    Enterprises can only boost sales productivity, increase efficiency, and decrease costs when all in-house functions are unified in their actions and approach. Customer 360 is the hub that keeps your business connected. By working with D2M and Salesforce, you can uncover a real-time view of your customers that makes every interaction more personal, boosting loyalty and revenue along the way.
  • Genie Customer Data Cloud
    The accuracy, quality, and accessibility of your data determines whether you can capitalize on the insights you receive from your customers. With the Genie Customer Data Cloud, you can meet depends in real-time, vesting your team with the tools and power to enhance the customer experience through self-service tools. Our Salesforce experts can elevate the performance of this tool by integrating it across your Salesforce suite, allowing your people to focus on keeping customers happy.
  • Lightning App Development
    Your success depends on how quickly you can roll out new and improved applications and user functionality to your customer base. Our command of the Lightning UI and Lightning Web Components allow us to accelerate delivery and create responsive delivery that saves your end users time and effort. When you trust a Salesforce partner like D2M, your outcome is a component-based framework that elevates your ability to scale and automate in tandem with the ever-evolving commercial landscape.