Top 3 reasons why you should read Husan Mahey’s “Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere”

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology automates mundane tasks.  By automating redundant and repetitive tasks, employees can then focus on more critical initiatives that drive business growth.

Automation is growing dramatically, with companies across industries showing a significant interest in Automation and Digital Transformation tools and processes. In this blog post, I will highlight certain key points on why you should read the book “Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere” by Husan Mahey. Here are the top 3 reasons why it is a MUST READ for automation professionals.

  • This book is a beginner’s guide to learning RPA development using Automation Anywhere.
  • RPA specialization is an entry-level option for people who are willing to learn automation development due to its non-intuitive design and low-code development tools. This book features practical exercises for beginners that are easy to understand and learn RPA with Automation Anywhere’s tools and processes.
  • The book discusses various features of Automation Anywhere deployment practice strategies, programming techniques, and automation scenarios across a variety of different applications like Internet browsers, Windows, Microsoft Excel, etc.

The Verdict

This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to learn RPA with Automation Anywhere. With hands-on development examples, this book provides knowledge about RPA and how it can be applied in process automation.

About the Author

Husan Mahey has nearly 30 years of experience in software development and currently works as the Chief Technology Officer at SkySoft UK Ltd. He has been working with Automation Anywhere since 2016 and was recognized by the Automation Anywhere University to be the first to gain all the official Automation Anywhere certifications and accredited badges within 3 months. These accreditations include Certified Master RPA Professional and Certified RPA Trainer. Husan has provided automated solutions in various capacities for a number of global organizations including the top four consultancies. He has worked in a number of industries including finance, pharmaceuticals, education, and utilities. In his current role, he provides RPA consultancy and training needs to organizations of all sizes. 

About the Reviewer

Mr. Krishnaswamy is the Practice Manager for Automation and Cognitive Solutions at D2M, a Division of DISYS. He brings over 16 years of experience, including serving as a domain specialist at CSSCORP Pvt. Ltd., to DISYS. Mr. Krishnaswamy specializes in automation technologies and has professional certification from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Automation Anywhere, and UiPath. He was instrumental in building the DISYS RPA practice by developing capabilities and establishing the practice automation standards and delivery model.