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Organizations today are overwhelmed with operational inefficiencies and administrative burdens that disrupt their preparedness and agility. Everything from high labor costs and legal noncompliance to decreased productivity and poor employee engagement are worsening workforce management. With WorkForce Software, global employers are streamlining compliance with wage regulations, improving employee experience, and enhancing their own strategic workforce decisions.

WorkForce Software’s solutions enable customers of any size and industry to manage needs around time, attendance, and absence, no matter how complex. Their cloud-based WorkForce Suite empowers connected personnel to digitize time and labor processes, optimize demand-driven scheduling, simplify absence management, and enable strategic business insights.

D2M’s Partnership with WorkForce Software

D2M and WorkForce Software’s strategic partnership aims to create the “Workplace of the Future” and transform the employee experience for the modern era. Our expertise in this workforce management software unlocks the world-class integration, support, and service delivery of these implementations so enterprises can boost their productivity and operations. Leveraging our experienced and certified WorkForce Software consultants, our customers can count on smoother implementation, faster adoption, and streamlined configurations that meet the specific needs of today’s employers.

Why D2M?

Large-Scale, Complex WorkForce Software Expertise

Demonstrated WorkForce Software Track Record

WorkForce Software Centre of Excellence (CoE)

Largest Global Certified & Trained WorkForce Software Team

24×7 Global Support Delivery Model

WorkForce Software Offerings

  • Implementation, Integration, and Consulting
    Leveraging our proven implementation methodology and homegrown solution accelerators, we enable faster implementations. As a certified WorkForce Software partner, D2M is well-versed at enhancing global enterprises through our consulting, implementation, and integration know-how.
  • Application Maintenance, Support, and Managed Services
    No matter your needs, our WorkForce Suite solutions fit to a tee. We will investigate, fix, and deploy solutions for production defects that prevent glitches or issues from derailing your operations. From application-error and pay-rule fixes to interface updates, our experts are adept at working behind the scenes to keep you running efficiently.